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Why is Washington so afraid of CPC?

Writer: Wu Guangqiang  |  Editor: Jane Chen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2020-07-28

Washington's hysterical phobia and resentment of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has been intensifying and may reach a new climax: the White House is reportedly mulling over a travel ban on CPC members and their families. Banning 90 million CPC members and their 180 million family members amounts to partial severance of diplomatic relations with China.

If the ban does take effect, does it mean the end of any official relations between the two countries since most Chinese officials are CPC members?

As it is almost impossible to identify each traveler's political status entering the U.S., it is more of a provocative move to vent Washington's anger on the CPC than an executable measure.

Since Trump took office in 2016, he and his "Goebbels" and "Schutzstaffel" have never ceased to stage one bout after another of attacks on the CPC, as they realized that the CPC is the key to China's epic success and came to believe that the defamation and demonization of the CPC may help contain China's rise.

Propelled by a "zero-sum game" mindset, Trump has on many occasions aired anti-CPC views. In September 2019, at a U.N. session, he launched a stinging attack on China's political system and development model.

Trump's Goebbels, Pompeo, has spared no efforts to seize every opportunity to discredit and vilify the CPC. Like a rabies-infected patient, he keeps ranting and raving about the legitimacy of the CPC's rule and the CPC's "threat" to the U.S. As the world's most impudent liar, whose only truth he had ever told was that as a CIA chief, he lied, stole and cheated, he spends all his time making up scary stories about the CPC and China.

Apparently, Washington sees the CPC as a thorn in its flesh. What on earth makes it so afraid of the CPC?

Simply put, it is the CPC that has successfully turned the world's largest poverty-stricken country into the second-largest economy within a mere 70 years, thus proving the existence of an alternative path toward success other than the capitalist system. Washington can't tolerate anyone challenging its hegemony.

Narrow-minded American politicians and pundits can never decipher the CPC's success codes even though the codes are open to study.

Founded on July 1, 1921, the CPC grew from 16 founding members into a 90-million-strong political party, making itself the most powerful, effective and disciplined party in the world, which drives Washington's envy and hate.

The CPC represents the fundamental interests of the Chinese people of all social and ethnic groups. Since its birth, the CPC has, in different historical phases, sincerely listened to the calls of the people and responded in earnest to their pressing demands. That's why the CPC has achieved one success after another.

Washington attempts to sow discord between the CPC and the Chinese people claiming that the CPC suppresses freedoms of the people and hence lacks popular support. But a recent Harvard study has smashed such an allegation.

The study shows that from 2003 to 2016, Chinese citizen satisfaction with all four levels of governments and local officials increased. In 2016, the Central Government received an approval rating as high as 93.1 percent. And the percentage of people who were satisfied with township governments saw the highest increase, from 43.6 percent in 2003 to 70.2 percent in 2016.

With the great leadership of the CPC in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, China has become and remains one of the safest countries with human life and health most highly valued, which further strengthened the bond between the CPC and the people. Never have the people had greater trust in and love for the CPC.

So antagonizing the CPC is antagonizing the Chinese people. Any attempt to alienate the CPC from its people is futile.

(The author is an English tutor and freelance writer)