Cycling along the greenways in GD

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Cycling along the picturesque greenways, might sound like a good option. But do you know the greenways in Guangdong?

Greenway No. 1

Route: Zhaoqing — Foshan —Guangzhou — Zhongshan — Zhuhai

Greenway No.1 in Guangdong Province is some 310 kilometers long and boasts rich natural sceneries and tourist attractions including the Seven Star Cave, Sanshui Lotus World, Nanguo Peach Blossom Garden and Yundonghai Tourist Economic Zone, just to name a few.


Seven Star Cave in Zhaoqing city features karst landscapes and is an idyllic place that looks like a Chinese landscape painting. You’ll encounter mountains in the middle of a lake, caves in the middle of a mountain and rivers in the middle of a cave. The seven karst limestone peaks roughly resembling the stars of the Big Dipper constellation and they rise out of the middle of a lake in an amazing way. Cycling here is not only a feast for the eyes but is sure to put you in the best of spirits.

Yundonghai Tourist Economic Zone, situated along the coast of the scenic Beijiang River in Foshan, is the only place in the Pearl River Delta that enjoys the fame of “the largest of its type with intact vegetation, mountains and lakes.” If you cycle along the west bank of Beihu Lake, you can enjoy the view where the water and the sky appear to merge into one.

Yeli Island in Zhuhai is a romantic place where you can feel the sea breeze embracing you while cycling along the coast. If you want to enjoy a relaxing time with your sweetheart, don’t miss it.

Greenway No. 2

Route: Liuxihe River in Conghua District of Guangzhou — Zengcheng District of Guangzhou — Dongguan — Shenzhen — Huizhou

The 480 km Greenway No. 2 features mountains, rivers, farmland and oceans. It starts north from the Liuxihe National Forest Park, goes though Zengcheng District in Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen all the way to the Xunliaowan Bay in Huizhou in the south. Along this greenway you will encounter luxurious forest parks, lovely beaches and idyllic scenery.


The section of Greenway No. 2 in Conghua is also called Liuxi Greenway for it is path along Liuxihe River. When you travel through this section, you will have the chance to enjoy waterfalls and a sea of flowers lining the greenway.

Baishuizhai Waterfall Scenic Spot, terminal of the Zengcheng section, is regarded as a magnificent emerald in the Tropic of Cancer for it covers an area of some 200 square kilometers. This scenic spot is blessed with a fortuitous location. Once inside, you will be welcomed by lush bamboo thickets, old towering trees, dancing butterflies and bees, and most importantly, the Baishuixian (White Daffodil) Waterfall which is the number one waterfall in terms of water flow on the mainland.

Xunliao Bay in Huizhou is a pristine beach where you can enjoy superb sea views while cycling, along with soft white sand and crystal clear water.

Greenway No. 3

Route: Huizhou — Dongguan — Guangzhou — Zhongshan — Jiangmen

The 370 km Greenway No. 3 traverses horizontally through the Pearl River Delta, connecting the west with the east. This greenway, which boasts not only countryside sections but urban sections, runs by Huizhou West Lake, Dongguan Shuixiang and multiple wetland parks. It is the best representative of Lingnan’s water culture.


Huizhou West Lake, the starting point of the Huizhou section of Greenway No. 3, is known for its five lakes, six bridges and 14 sightseeing spots. According to historical records, among the 36 west lakes in China, only West Lake in Huizhou can be compared with the West Lake in Hangzhou.

Covering an area of 0.5 square kilometers, Yuehui Garden in Dongguan is Guangdong’s largest classic private garden. Visitors can come here for a dose of culture and a taste of history as the garden inherits the beauty of ancient culture and presents the charm of ancient Lingnan buildings.

Greenway No. 4

Route: Guangzhou — Zhuhai

The main line of Greenway No. 4 is 220 km long and travels through the center of the Pearl River Delta, connecting countryside scenery with urban views. Going south from Furong Tourist Resort, you will bike through Huadu District, Guangzhou and finally reach Zhuhai Yu Hotspring Resort.


The 360-meter-high Furongzhang, also named Furong Mountain, is located in the northwestern part of Huadu District in Guangzhou. The color of the stones on the mountain look like the black hibiscus, from which the mountain got its name Furong, which means “hibiscus.”

Greenway No. 5

Route: Huizhou — Dongguan — Shenzhen

Greenway No. 5 starts from Qingshuihu in Changning Town at the foot of Luofu Mountain in Huizhou and stops at Shenzhen Yinhu Forest Park. Covering destinations like Yuanzhou Town, Shilong Town, Songshan Lake and Huangjiang Town in Dongguan, Chashan Town in Maoming City and Guangming Subdistrict in Shenzhen, this greenway stretches from mountains to ocean, of which pastoral landscape dominates most parts.


Luofu Mountain, hailed as “one of the top 10 mountains in China,” covers a sprawling expanse of more than 214 square kilometers with a total of 432 mountains and peaks, 72 stone chambers, 980 waterfalls and springs and many bizarrely shaped stones, cliffs and caves.

Situated inside the Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park, Songshan Lake boasts unique natural resources: eight square kilometers of natural water, 42 kilometers of lake shoreline, pristine and densely forested hills surrounding the area. Thanks to its charming scenery, Songshan Lake is also an ideal place for cyclists.

Greenway No. 6

Route: Zhenshan Mountain in Zhaoqing — Lianhua Town in Zhaoqing — Sanshui District in Foshan — Jiujiang Bridge — the coastal greenway in Jiangmen — the Paradise of Birds in Jiangmen — Xinhui Gudou Hotspring Resort in Jiangmen

Cycling along Greenway No. 6, you will first encounter the grand scenery of the Xijiang River in Zhaoqing City, then the joyful people in Jiujiang in Foshan City, and finally the unique atmosphere of overseas Chinese towns.


Zhenshan Mountain, located in Sihui of Zhaoqing, is a quiet getaway for city dwellers who are tired of the concrete and cement surroundings. Biking around this place, you can refresh yourself while visiting some historic sites at the same time.

The Paradise of Birds in Jiangmen can’t be missed. It’s home to various species of birds, especially wild egrets. Here you can appreciate birds as well as catch a glimpse of a typical Lingnan water village.

Gulao Water Village in Heshan is a group of unique dwellings surrounded by water. Stone bridges and stone paths are the two main features of this place. The stone bridges connect different fish ponds.