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Shenzhen Talent Park

Writer:   |  Editor: Lily A  |  From:   |  Updated: 2020-08-03

Talent Park is located in Nanshan district near the Shenzhen Bay super headquarters base, which is connected to Shenzhen Bay seashore leisure area. Occupying about 770,000 square meters, the lake takes up approximately 300,000 square meters.

Based on the idea,‘talents are the park's soul, and the park exemplifies the spirit of the city,' the theme park was built according to YIHUYIANSIZHOU, around the four axles of ‘science, sightseeing, art and sport.’

The Park will blend talents and sightseeing, make a modernized Bing Hai Park filled with variety of content, more places for sightseeing, and connecting the 15-mile SZ Bay Bing Hai Walk Lane to make a splendid scene.

Talents are the key factor in SZ's urban development, and as the first theme park in China to be built on the theme of personal talents, the purpose of its contstruction is to show gratitude to the brilliant people who have given their youth to the development of SZ. It is also representative that SZ will provide good care for the development of personal talents and welcome all young people specializing in all kinds of fields to come to Shenzhen and make a future of their own!