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Egong Bay: The most beautiful bay in SZ

Writer:   |  Editor: Lily A  |  From:   |  Updated: 2020-08-03

Dongchong and Xichong coastal lines in Dapeng Peninsula is known to many as one of the “eight most beautiful coastlines” in China and one of the “10 most beautiful hiking tracks” in China. However, situated in the west of Xichong, Egong Bay, which is little known by the public, was recommended by the Shenzhen city government as “the most beautiful bay in Shenzhen.”

A post on the city government’s official microblog account praised Egong Bay for its natural beauty and put it in the limelight. Less than two hours from the city center is this quiet beach.

Egong Bay, with a coastal line of about 500 meters, has the best beach with soft sand in Shenzhen. There are a large number of rocks in strange shapes by the beach, which form a beautiful landscape that makes the beach a great place for sightseeing, photographing and rock climbing, according to Chen Baoyuan, secretary general of the Dapeng New District tourism association.

In the north of Egong Bay, there is a small waterfall called “Egong Waterfall.” It is about 30 meters tall!

An artificial fish reef was built in 2007, which provides venues and facilities for visitors to observe underwater corals and aquatic animals.