Shenzhen Bay Park

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Shenzhen Bay Park is a seaside urban park in Shenzhen.

The park occupies a 13-kilometre long stretch of reclaimed land along the southern coast of Shenzhen on the north shore of Shenzhen Bay. It spans much of the coastline of Nanshan and Futian districts.

The park is divided into two sections, namely Shenzhen Bay Coastal Recreation Zone at its South West side and Mangrove Coastal Ecological Park at its Eastern side.

The latter is situated within the Mangrove Nature Reserve, a habitat of numerous endangered bird species and is also known for its mangrove.

The entire area of the park opened on August 6, 2011, days before the 2011 Summer Universiade that took place in Shenzhen. The Mangrove Coastal Ecological Park was opened earlier in December 2000. The entire length of the park is motor vehicle-free.

Cycle paths and picnic spaces are featured along the park. The park offers a panoramic view covering the Shenzhen skyline and New Territories, Hong Kong.