Catch Phrase | 小镇做题家(xiǎozhèn zuòtí jiā)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2020-08-03


“小镇” means “small town,” “做题” means “to take tests,” and “家” used at the end of a phrase refers to “a person expert at doing something.” “Small-town expert test-taker,” a term coined by Chinese netizens, refers to students from rural areas or small towns who have been enrolled at prestigious universities with excellent scores from the National College Entrance Exams (gaokao) as a result of extremely hard work during high school. Once in college, some of this group may realize the gap between themselves and their peers who have grown up in middle or upper-class families in big cities, who have better resources, more vision and more confidence in themselves. While the small-town students focus entirely on their schoolwork, those in big cities also take time to cultivate a hobby in culture, art or sport.


A: 大家热烈讨论的小镇做题家现象你怎么看?

Dàjiā rèliè tǎolùn de xiǎozhèn zuòtí jiā xiànxiàng nǐ zěnme kàn?

What do you think of the topic “small-town expert test-takers?”

B: 这些同学能进一流大学学习很幸运,应该珍惜机会,拓展视野,而不是一味感概和同学的差距。

Zhèxiē tóngxué néng jìn yīliú dàxué xuéxí hěn xìngyùn,yīnggāi zhēnxī jīhuì,tuòzhǎn shìyě,ér búshì yīwèi gǎngài hé tóngxué de chàjù。

These kids are fortunate to have the chance to study at top universities. They should treasure this opportunity to broaden their horizon, rather than complain about the gap between themselves and their peers as a result of their different upbringings.