Driving simulator makes learning easy

Writer: Han Ximin  |  Editor: Lin Lin  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2020-09-22

Inexperienced drivers can go through driver training inside office buildings or at other indoor venues thanks to the debut of new-generation driving simulators released by CarShow Science and Technology Co. Ltd. on Friday.

A new-generation driving simulator developed by CarShow Science and Technology Co. Ltd. Photos courtesy of Carshow

Empowered with multiple technologies including a visual algorithm, AI speech synthesis and engine simulation algorithm, the simulators provide a virtual environment for a comfortable learning experience, a report of Shenzhen Economic Daily said.

“Based on the technologies and data from the real environment for tests and driver training, the provided scenarios are identical to the real situation. Learners will be able to go through training on the simulator similar to the training on roads and test venues,” Wei Wenbo, head of the driving training hall at CarShow in Nanshan District, said.

Through the 3-D interface presented inside the simulators, learners can experience the complicated road situations during driving.

The simulator can also collect the data and analyze errors made by learners during driving, and then offer solutions by providing a tailor-made training report.

According to CarShow, the simulators also improved the successful passing rate of learners taking driving tests by 30 percent because the system can ensure enough training time, provide accurate guidance and improve the self-learning abilities of learners.

A woman tries out CarShow's driving simulator on Friday.

The use of simulators is also helpful to solve the shortage of driving training venues, as each training center will occupy at least 3,000 square meters.

It also saves time for learners because they can learn at any time, at noon or during breaks.