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Chinese Brands, Shenzhen’s Declaration

Writer:   |  Editor: Lin Lin  |  From:   |  Updated: 2020-12-31

Shenzhen has seen rapid growth in its economy and brand power despite the pandemic over the past year and released “Chinese Brands, Shenzhen’s Declaration" at the “brand and country” forum Aug. 22. Let's review the declaration on the last day of 2020 and wish Shenzhen brands better and stronger in the upcoming new year!

A scene at "brand and country" forum. DT News

Chinese Brands, Shenzhen’s Declaration

Strong brands lead to a strong country. As the world is entering the era of brand economy, global competition has been concentrating in brand competition. China’s economy is transitioning from the rapid-growth phase to a stage of high-quality development, and is at the pivotal time of changing the growth model, optimizing the economic structure and fostering the drivers of growth. Establishing more Chinese brands with worldwide reputation is essential for the implementation of “Three Transitions” and an effective way to build a strong country. Also, it is conducive to promoting the quality, efficiency and driving-force changes for China’s economy, improving the quality of the supply system, and adapting to the upgrade of consumption structure.

In order to build a country of strong brands, today in Shenzhen, the pioneering city of reform, opening up and innovation, we solemnly propose that we should work together to implement the “Three Transitions," create leading brands, establish the character of a great power and contribute to build an economic powerhouse.

We would need to remain committed to ensuring innovation drives development forward and accelerate the transition from "Made in China" to "Created in China."

Innovation drives development and brands lead to the future. To promote the competitiveness and impact of China’s products, we need to implement the innovation-driven development strategy, maintain the primary position of innovation in the enterprise, and encourage the integration of independent innovation and open innovation. In the meantime, we need to promote innovation in the areas of technologies, industries, enterprises, markets, products, businesses and management. Moreover, we should accelerate the formation of an economic system and development mode led by and based on innovation, and increase the added value and attractiveness of “Made in China” via innovation.

We will insist on quality first and step up to transfer our focus from  "Chinese Speed" to "Chinese Quality."

Quality is born of workmanship and the quality creates brand. We need to put the concept of quality first throughout the whole process of economic and social development, build a comprehensive quality system that covers all the areas with special focus on improving the quality of products, services, engineering and environment, strive to enhance the development of "value content," "technology content" and "green content" to build first-class quality and brands with first-class design, standard and service, so as to gain worldwide reputation and respect.

We should adhere to the leadership of high-end projects and accelerate the transformation of "Chinese products" into "Chinese brands."

Dreams are achieved by those who chase excellence and value is created by brands. We need to fully implement the strategy of strengthening the nation through brands building, enhance brands awareness, accelerate the pace of brand internationalization, establish a number of world-renowned brands, promote the development of Chinese brands in international competition, and make great breakthroughs in market share, brand loyalty and global leadership. Our ultimate goal is to let people think of high-quality when hearing about Chinese brands and make Chinese brands the business cards handed to the world.

We will fully support Shenzhen in building a pioneering demonstration zone for socialism with Chinese characteristics by deepening the promotion of quality, standards, design, reputation and brand building, being the leading player in high quality development, building a "brand capital" with global influence, and becoming an outstanding representative of Chinese brands. Meanwhile, we will completely support Shenzhen in developing the National Brand Hall into a national-level platform integrating brand display, incubation, cultivation and communication, and then becoming a shining business card that showcases Made in China, Chinese Quality and Chinese Brands.

Our goal is to connect with the world and gain the worldwide recognition. So, please join us to make efforts together, focus on the growth of independent brands, tell China’s brands stories, enhance the competitiveness of Chinese brands, promote Chinese brands to become bigger and stronger, and let the "Chinese brands" of the new era stand at the height of the country level and go global, illuminating the road of high-quality development!

Shenzhen, China

August 22, 2020