Catch Phrase | 容貌焦虑(róngmào jiāolǜ)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2021-05-27


“容貌” means “appearance,” and “焦虑” means “anxiety.” Social appearance anxiety is a type of anxiety about one’s appearance and body shape. Sufferers are often young people who experience a fear of negative evaluation of their physical appearance. As the society as a whole focuses more on people’s appearance and rewards those with good looks in terms of employment and other aspects, more people begin to worry that they are not “good-looking enough” and turn to plastic surgery. A recent survey of some 2,000 Chinese university students found that 59 percent of the subjects have social appearance anxiety, with female students feeling more affected.


A: 我又胖了点儿,真不知道怎样才能更苗条。

Wǒ yòu pàng le diǎnr,zhēn bù zhīdào zěnyàng cáinéng gèng miáotiáo。

I have put on some more weight. There’s just no way to slim down.

B: 你的身材很标准,完全没有必要容貌焦虑。

Nǐ de shēncái hěn biāozhǔn,wánquán méiyǒu bìyào róngmào jiāolǜ。

You have a standard figure and there’s no need at all to have social appearance anxiety.