Catch Phrase | 小破站(xiǎopòzhàn)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2021-06-22


“小” means “small,” “破” means “trashy,” and “站” means “site.” This term was originally coined by Chinese netizens, especially game, comic and animation fans, to refer to AcFun, a streaming site featuring their favorite contents. Because the servers were unstable, fans jokingly called the site by this name. Later, fans of Bilibili, a streaming site featuring similar content, also started to use “小破站” as the nickname of their favorite site. It’s interesting to note that Chinese netizens sometimes use a debasing nickname for the people or things they are actually fond of.


A: 周末你去哪儿玩儿了吗?

Zhōumò nǐ qù nǎér wánér le ma?

Did you go anywhere for fun this weekend?

B: 这么热的天,我哪儿也不想去。整个周末我都在小破站上看视频。

Zhème rè de tiān,wǒ nǎr yě bùxiǎng qù。Zhěng gè zhōumò wǒ dōu zài xiǎopòzhàn shàng kàn shìpín。

It was so hot and I didn’t feel like going anywhere. I checked out videos on Bilibili the whole weekend.