Catch Phrase | 复盘(fùpán)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2021-07-09


“复” means “to review, analyze,” and “盘” means “a game set.” Originally a term used in the game of go, the term refers to the practice of two player repeating their moves in a game of go and examining each move in order to gain a better insight of the game. The term “to analyze post-game” is used in a more general sense nowadays, when a person tries to reexamine what they have done and find out ways to improve.


A: 昨天我请假了,听说老板召集大家开会,讲了什么?

Zuótiān wǒ qǐngjià le,tīngshuō lǎobǎn zhàojí dàjiā kāihuì,jiǎng le shénme?

I took a day off yesterday. I heard that the boss convened a meeting. What was it about?

B: 我们复盘了刚刚结束的年中促销,希望下次活动做得更好。

Wǒmen fùpán le gānggāng jiéshù de niánzhōng cùxiāo,xīwàng xiàcì huódòng zuòde gènghǎo。

We did a post-game analysis of the midyear sales campaign, in the hope that we will do better next time.