Catch Phrase | 绝绝子(juéjuézi)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2021-07-22


“绝” means “extreme,” and “子” is an auxiliary word with no specific meaning. This term, coined by Chinese netizens and often used by fans to refer to their idols, is either praise or sarcastic criticism depending on the context. It can either be “extremely good, awesome,” or “extremely bad, ridiculous.” It’s interesting that many netizens who are not fans of any idol said that, among recent online catchphrases, they disliked this phrase the most.


A: 这两天网上讨论最多的就是明星吴亦凡以恋爱之名玩弄女性的大瓜了。

Zhè liǎngtiān wǎngshàng tǎolùn zuìduō de jiùshì míngxīng wúyìfán yǐ liàn’ài zhīmíng wánnòng nǚxìng de dàguā le。

The thing people gossiped about the most online in the past few days is how Kris Wu, an idol, has philandered with young women by pretending to be in love with them.

B: 我一直都不喜欢他,唱歌跑调,人品绝绝子。

Wǒ yīzhí dōu bù xǐhuan tā,chànggē pǎodiào,rénpǐn juéjuézi。

I never liked him. He sings badly, and has no morals.