Catch Phrase | 我不要你觉得,我要我觉得

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2021-10-26


This phrase is literally translated as “I don’t like what you think; I like what I think.” First used by Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming during the third season of the hit TV show “Chinese Restaurant” in 2019, the line revealed to the audience how blindly confident and self-centered Huang was on the show. He never listened to the other people’s opinions when ordering from the menu or buying the ingredients, although his choices were not often wise. This phrase means “I have the final say; don’t try to argue with me.” Many netizens use it jokingly or sarcastically, since this attitude is thought of as ludicrous and immature.


A: 你的头发怎么染了个绿色?太奇怪了!一点儿都不好看。

Nǐ de tóufà zěnme rǎn le ge lǜsè?Tài qíguài le!Yīdiǎnr dōu bùhǎokàn。

Why did you dye your hair green? It’s so weird! It doesn’t look good.

B: 绿色环保啊!我不要你觉得,我要我觉得。

Lǜsè huánbǎo a!Wǒ búyào nǐ juédé,wǒ yào wǒ juédé。

Green is the color of environmentalists. I can do whatever I like with my hair.