Catch Phrase | 挖坟(wāfén)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2021-11-29


“挖” means “to dig,” and “坟” means “grave.” Literally translated as “grave digging,” this term was coined by Chinese netizens to refer to the practice of commenting on a post from a long time ago (often a post that people stopped commenting on at least two months ago) and therefore bringing it to the front of a list of discussions on online forums, such as Baidu Tieba.


A: 昨天我看到一个好久以前的贴子,讲一个香港艺人的黑历史,不知道为什么被人挖坟挖出来?

Zuótiān wǒ kàndào yīgè hǎojiǔ yǐqián de tiězi,jiǎng yīgè xiānggǎng yìrén de hēilìshǐ, bù zhīdào wèishénme bèi rén wāfén wāchūlái?

I read an online post yesterday about the dark history of a Hong Kong entertainer that was first posted a long time ago, and wonder why someone commented on it to bring it to the fore again?

B: 因为上周出来了一条关于这个艺人的新绯闻。

Yīnwèi shàngzhōu chūlái le yītiáo guānyú zhège yìrén de xīn fēiwén。

That’s because the entertainer became involved in another scandal last week.