Catch Phrase | 全靠同行衬托(quánkào tóngháng chèntuō)

Writer: Debra Li  |  Editor: Stephanie Yang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-01-26


“全靠” means “totally depend on”; “同行” means “peers, people of the same trade or occupation”; and “衬托” means” set off.” This saying was first spoken by Chinese cross-talk comedian Guo Degang, who once said, “No, I’m excellent. It’s all set off by my peers.” This sentence contains a meaning of humility, but it is more an expression of Guo’s inner self-confidence and pride. For Chinese netizens, if something “depends on peers,” it means it is very bad, but there is nothing better in the industry, leaving them with no choice.


A: 最近大火的那部剧,我昨天看了。实在是看不下去,剧情和演技都很差。

Zuìjìn dàhuǒ de nàbù jù,wǒ zuótiān kànle。 Shízàishì kàn bù xiàqù, jùqíng hé yǎnjì dōu hěnchā。

Yesterday I watched that recent drama that was a big hit. Actually, I really couldn’t watch it; the plot and acting are very poor.

B: 我也觉得那部剧很烂。但没办法,全靠同行衬托。

Wǒ yě juéde nàbù jù hěnlàn。Dàn méi bànfǎ, quánkào tóngháng chèntuō。

I also think that drama sucks. But it can’t be helped; it’s all set off by peers.