Fairs scheduled to take place in June and July

Writer: Cao Zhen  |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-06-13

I. Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Futian District (福田区深圳会展中心)

Metro: Line 1 or 4 to Convention and Exhibition Center Station (会展中心站), Exit D

·The 23rd Home Furnishing Expo Shenzhen

Dates: June 18-19

·The 5th Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Festival and the 7th Shenzhen International Cross-Border E-Commerce Trade Expo

Dates: June 18-20

·The 3rd Shenzhen Global Artificial Intelligence Expo

Dates: June 23-25

·Global Tea Fair China (Shenzhen) Spring

Dates: June 24-27

·Asia Smart Wearable Exhibition

Dates: June 30-July 2

·Shenzhen Pet Fair

Dates: June 30-July 3

·China (SZ) International E-Commerce Industry Expo

Dates: June 30-July 2

·Shenzhen International Fashion Brand Fair

Dates: July 7-9

·China Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Selection Exhibition (CCEE)

Dates: July 18-20

·China (Shenzhen) International Underwear Fair

Dates: July 13-15

·Asia Charging Expo (Spring)

Dates: July 18-20

·GBA (Shenzhen) Wedding Expo

Dates: July 23-24

·China International Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Expo and Shenzhen International Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Expo

Dates: July 23-25

·Shenzhen International Sensor Technology Expo

Dates: July 23-25

·Outdoor Shenzhen, Golf Shenzhen and Fitness Shenzhen

Dates: July 23-25

·China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology Expo (CIPPE)

Dates: July 28-30

·South China Beauty Expo

Dates: July 28-30

·The 14th Shenzhen International Chemical Equipment Fair and the 16th Shenzhen International EV Charging Expo

Dates: July 28-30

·Shenzhen International Hydrogen Technology & Equipment Exhibition (HEIE)

Dates: July 28-30

II. Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center

Venue: Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center, Bao’an District (宝安区深圳国际会展中心)

Metro: Line 20 to Shenzhen World Station (国展站) to Halls 1-12, Shenzhen World North Station (国展北站) to Halls 13-18

·The 30th China (Shenzhen) International Gifts, Handicrafts, Watches & Houseware Fair

Dates: June 15-18

·South China Smart Manufacturing & Innotech Fair

Dates: June 27-29

·The 4th Shenzhen International Semiconductor and Display Technology Fair (Semi Expo SZ)

Dates: July 5-7

·The 20th International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (Shenzhen)

Dates: July 5-7

·Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Dates: July 5-8

·GBA Ecological Environment Forum and Exhibition

Dates: July 13-15

·Shenzhen Hotel Expo

Dates: July 3-5

·World Expo of Packaging Industry (WEPACK)

Dates: July 13-15

·The 9th Shenzhen Game Show

Dates: July 21-24

·Shenzhen Creative Week

Dates: July 25-28

·Shenzhen International Smart Mobility, Auto Modification and Aftermarket Service Ecosystems Expo

Dates: July 15-17

(Dates are subject to change due to the pandemic. Potential visitors are advised to check www.szcec.com or www.shenzhen-world.com when planning a visit.)