Catch Phrase | 新手村 (xīnshǒucūn)

Writer: Li Dan   |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-06-28


“新手” means “newbie,” and “村” is translated as “village.” The term, often used in the discussion of online games, refers to the tutorial episode in any game, which a player first encounters when playing the game. In this episode, non-player characters (NPCs) with various functions will assign tasks to entry-level players to help them become familiar with the game. In some games, players cannot progress to the next level if they fail to achieve a certain score in task performance in the tutorial episode.


A: 我上周推荐给你的新游戏玩了没有?

Wǒ shàngzhōu tuījiàn gěi nǐ de xīn yóuxì wán le méiyǒu?

Have you started playing the game I recommended to you last week?

B: 玩了。这个游戏有点复杂,我还在新手村转悠。

Wánle。 Zhè ge yóuxì yǒudiǎn fùzá,wǒ háizài xīnshǒucūn zhuànyōu。

Yes, I have. This game is kinda complicated, and I’m still playing the tutorial episode.