Catch Phrase | 雪糕刺客 ( xuěgāo)

Writer: Li Dan  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-07-07


“雪糕” means “ice cream,” and “刺客” means “assassin.” This term coined by Chinese netizens refers to the scenario where customers, unaware of the hefty prices of some mundane-looking niche brand ice cream, randomly pick up one from the freezer in a supermarket, only to discover at the cashier that they have to pay much higher than their expected price and therefore feel the pangs of “being ambushed.” The joking nickname is given to the pricy ice creams of unheard-of brands, some of them imported perhaps. As their price tags are often displayed in a long line at the edge of the freezers, customers may not read them before picking up an ice cream, taking for granted that it would cost only a few yuan.


A: 现在的雪糕怎么都这么贵了?

Xiànzài de xuěgāo zěnme dōu zhème guì le?

How come ice cream is so expensive now?

B: 下次去超市,不知道牌子的雪糕不要随便拿。说不定就是雪糕刺客。

Xiàcì qù chāoshì,bù zhīdào páizi de xuěgāo búyào suíbiàn ná。Shuōbudìng jiùshì xuěgāo cìkè。

Don’t just pick up any ice cream if you don’t know its brand when you visit the supermarket next time. You might be picking up one that’s very expensive.

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