Catch Phrase | 直男审美 (zhínán shěnměi)

Writer: Li Dan  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-07-08


“直男” refers to “straight men” (or “heterosexual men”), and “审美” means “aesthetics, taste.” This term, translated as “straight men’s aesthetics,” sums up the similar tastes of typical straight men in China as to what attractive traits in women they are looking for and what styles of dress and makeup they appreciate. Based on traits shared over the years by the most beautiful women as voted by the users of, China’s leading sports site, people presume that “straight men’s aesthetics” favor feminine gentle women with big eyes, a curvy but slim body, long black or dark brown hair, neat and not-too-fancy dress and elegant light makeup. Sometimes, this term is used by women to complain about men who cannot appreciate the bold original beauty of various styles in women’s fashion and makeup.


A: 你男朋友夸你的新裙子好看了吗?

Nǐ nánpéngyou kuā nǐ de xīnqúnzǐ hǎokàn le ma?

Did your boyfriend say nice things about your new dress?

B: 没有。他是直男审美,完全不懂时髦。

Méiyǒu。Tā shì zhínán shěnměi,wánquán bùdǒng shímáo。

Nope. He has “straight men’s aesthetics” and knows nothing about fashion.