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JD unveils supply chain solutions to support partners

Writer: Xia Yuanjie  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-07-18

JD Cloud, the cloud computing unit of China’s e-commerce giant JD.com, last week unveiled seven major digitalized and intelligent supply chain solutions, as part of its broader push to help its eco-partners improve efficiency and reduce costs in their digital transformation drive.

The digitalized and intelligent methodology has been developed by the firm since 2019, currently covering the whole supply chain process. They are composed of one infrastructure and six business scenarios covering procurement, research and development, manufacturing, marketing, services and supply chain.

JD Cloud offers consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) services in the research and development process to help merchants design, manufacture and improve their products based on data the firm has gathered from customers.

Supported by JD Cloud-developed village digitalized and intelligent operational system, food firms in Guanghan, southwestern China’s Sichuan Province have customized their ingredients and packaging according to consumers’ needs, which has helped boost their sales 46 times.

Nearly 2,000 firms have now adopted the C2M services in their development of new products and more than 10,000 firms and factories are expected to use the services in two years, said JD Cloud.

JD Cloud said its digitalization solutions have played an important role in helping COVID-battered firms solve supply chain problems induced by the pandemic.

The firm has teamed up with the local city government of Changzhou, eastern China’s Jiangsu Province, to launch a 5G+AI (artificial intelligence) industrial manufacturing cloud platform, which currently allows more than 600 manufacturers to navigate the domestic market using consumption information provided by JD.com.

Foreign trade firm Globe (Jiangsu) Co., which saw its overseas sales hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, has increased its share in the domestic market with the help of the industrial manufacturing cloud platform.

JD Cloud has served more than 80 cities, 1,800 large firms and 1.95 million small and micro firms, according to Gao Liqiang, vice-president of JD.com and president of JD Cloud. Gao said that JD Cloud’s revenue surged more than 110% year on year in 2021.