Upcoming concerts by star musicians

Writer: Cao Zhen  | Editor: Zhang Chanwen  | From: Shenzhen Daily





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Chen Sa

Award-winning pianist Chen Sa will collaborate with the Youth Strings GSO to present Schumann’s “Piano Quintet in E-flat Major,” Mozart’s “Piano Concerto No. 14” (arranged into a piano quintet by Ignaz Lachner) and Mahler’s “Piano Quartet in A Minor.”

Chen has established herself as “one of the most charismatic pianists of her generation.” She started in her early teens by earning critical acclaims at Leeds, Chopin and Van Cliburn competitions, and then began her performing career worldwide with her evocative playing. One description of her music says it “makes you feel the lyrical beauty, but at the same time shows a volcanic underground and the enormous potential of desperation of the music.”

Since 2016 Chen has served as an adjudicator in prestigious competitions: Busoni Concourse Bolzano Italy, Sydney International Competition, Leeds International Piano Competition and the 18th International Chopin Piano Competition.

Time: 8 p.m., Aug. 19

Tickets: 280-580 yuan

Booking: WeChat account “深圳滨海艺术中心”

Venue: Bay Opera of Shenzhen, Bao’an District (宝安区深圳滨海艺术中心)

Metro: Line 5 to Baohua Station (宝华站), Exit A

                                                                                               Mei Diyang

Mei Diyang

Chinese violist Mei Diyang will perform Bach’s “Partita for Violin No. 2, BWV1004, Chaconne,” Schubert’s “Sonata in A Minor, D. 821, Arpeggione,” Knox’s “Quartet for One” and Prokofiev’s “Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64” (arranged for viola and piano by Borisovsky).

Mei has been the first principal violist of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra since the fall of 2019. In October 2022, he will become the principal violist of the Berliner Philharmonic Orchestra.

Since his success at the 2018 ARD International Music Competition, winning first prize in the viola category, the Audience Prize and several special prizes, Mei has been steadily furthering his international career. His first solo album “Transforming Viola” was released in 2019. His second album “Viola à L’Ecole de Paris” was released in June 2022.

Time: 8 p.m., Aug. 14

Tickets: 50-380 yuan

Booking: WeChat account “szyyt_piao”

Venue: Shenzhen Concert Hall, Futian District (福田区深圳音乐厅)

Metro: Line 3 or 4 to Children’s Palace Station (少年宫站), Exit D

                                                                                                       Anda Union

Anda Union

Anda Union, an ensemble from Inner Mongolia, will celebrate its 20th anniversary by holding a concert. Described by The Guardian as “stirring and sophisticated,” Anda Union is a band of artists brought together by a passion for preserving the forgotten sounds of their Mongolian heritage.

Through a combination of ethereal melodies, soaring vocals, reverberating throat singing and heart-pounding rhythms, Anda Union evokes the natural wonders of their rustic homeland. The band’s rich and varied instrumentation includes the horse-head fiddle with a rich, melancholic tone; the Tob Shur, a Mongolian two string lute; and the Moadin Chor, a flute sounded while the player engages in throat singing — an exceptional skill mastered by only a handful of Mongolian artists.

Time: 8 p.m., Aug. 12

Tickets: 180-580 yuan

Booking: WeChat account “szyyt_piao”

Venue: Shenzhen Concert Hall, Futian District (福田区深圳音乐厅)

Metro: Line 3 or 4 to Children’s Palace Station (少年宫站), Exit D

Fang Jinlong

In his 50s, Chinese musician Fang Jinlong is a viral star thanks to his performances on several livestreaming concerts on Bilibili. He is renowned for playing crossover music on the pipa, a traditional Chinese instrument. To appeal to young fans, he incorporates elements from Chinese martial arts culture, American folk music and Japanese anime in some of his performances.

One of his performances, “Rhythm World,” saw Fang play an array of traditional musical instruments from China, India, Italy and Japan accompanied by an orchestra.

Time: 8 p.m., Aug. 13

Tickets: 80-680 yuan

Booking: WeChat account “GuangmingArtCenter”

Venue: Guangming Culture and Art Center, Guangming District (光明区光明文化艺术中心)

Metro: Line 6 to Fenghuang Town Station (凤凰城站), Exit B