Catch Phrase | 厅局风 (tīngjúfēng)

Writer: Li Dan  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-08-18


“厅” is translated as “department,” “局” is translated as “bureau,” and “风” means “style.” This term, coined by Chinese netizens, refers to a male dressing style often seen in civil servants and government officials. The typical look of this style consists of a white shirt, dark suit pants and a dark blue or dark gray jacket, with the finishing touch of a pair of low-key black leather shoes, not too shiny or pointy. In summer, the white shirt is also interchangeable with a T-shirt in a light shade or simple stripes. Conspicuous prints and big logos should be avoided, as a low-key and mature look is what people are trying to achieve.


A: 丽丽的男朋友是公务员吗?

Lìlì de nánpéngyou shì gōngwùyuán ma?

Is Li Li’s boyfriend a civil servant?

B: 不知道。你怎么得出这个结论的?

Bù zhīdào。Nǐ zěnme déchū zhège jiélùn de?

I have no idea. How can you tell?

A: 因为他每次来接丽丽下班,总是厅局风打扮。

Yīnwèi tā měicì lái jiē lìlì xiàbān,zǒngshì tīngjúfēng dǎbàn。

Each time he came to pick her up after work, he’s dressed in this low-key civil-service-personnel style.