Catch Phrase | 千元店 (qiānyuándiàn)

Writer: Li Dan  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-08-26


“千元” means “1,000 yuan,” and “店” means “shop.” Like the one-dollar stores in the United States, there have been 10-yuan shops in China that sell stationery, accessories like hair ribbons and handkerchiefs, and other small things, with prices marked at or lower than 10 yuan apiece. Now, Chinese netizens have coined the term “1,000-yuan shop” to refer to a Sam’s Club store, one of the favorite membership supermarkets of China’s middle class. With a membership costing at least 260 yuan a year, the store sells quality goods in large packages, resulting in each client paying an average of around 1,000 yuan for their purchases at each visit, hence the nickname “1,000-yuan store.”


A: 昨天下班一转眼你就不见了,本打算叫你一起去看电影呢。

Zuótiān xiàbān yīzhuǎnyǎn nǐ jiù bújiàn le,běn dǎsuàn jiào nǐ yīqǐ qù kàn diànyǐng ne。

I intended to ask you to go to the movies with me after work yesterday, but you disappeared in a whiff.

B: 我昨天去逛千元店了,买了很多好吃的,周末来我家吃饭吧。

Wǒ zuótiān qù guàng qiānyuándiàn le,mǎi le hěnduō hǎochīde,zhōumò lái wǒjiā chīfàn ba。

I went shopping at Sam’s Club yesterday and bought a lot of wonderful food. Come over and eat with me this weekend.

A: 好啊!

Hǎo a!