Catch Phrase | 玉米式穿搭 (yùmǐshì chuāndā)

Writer: Song Yingwen  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-09-02

“玉米” is corn in Chinese, and “穿搭” means “dress.” Together the phrase means dress like a corn. This is a term describing a way of dressing that stems from layered clothing, or the onion layering system.

Like the onion layering system, the corn dressing system also suggests using garments that are worn on top of each other, only with fewer layers. The most common formula involves a thin layer such as that provided by a woolen or cashmere sweater, which allows comfortable indoor activities in air-conditioned rooms, and a thick wool coat or down-filled coat plus a woolen or cashmere scarf for windy and freezing outdoor scenarios.


A: 今天降温,穿了那么多层衣服,感觉太臃肿了。我觉得手都动不了了。

Jīntiān jiàngwēn,chuānle nàmeduō céng yīfu, gǎnjué tài yōngzhǒng le。 Wǒ juéde shǒudōu dòngbùliǎo le。

I am wearing a lot today to cope with the cliff-like drop in temperature. But I really can’t stand wearing so many layers. I feel like I can’t put my arms down.

B: 试试今年最新的玉米式穿搭吧?一件外套加毛衣,很舒适方便。

Shìshì jīnnián zuìxīn de yùmǐshì chuāndā ba? Yījiàn wàitào jiā máoy,hěn shūshì fāngbiàn。

Why don’t you try the corn-layering dressing style? It requires only a sweater and a coat, yet it’s warm and comfortable enough.