Catch Phrase | 虾系男 (xiāxìnán)

Writer:   |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From:   |  Updated: 2022-09-13


“虾” means “shrimp,”

“系” means “style, type,” and

“男” refers to “male.” Chinese netizens coined the term to describe a man who has a perfect stature yet not a good-looking face. The hilarious inference is that shrimps are very delicious, despite the fact that their heads are not edible. Netizens identify comedian Li Dan as a typical example of a “shrimp-type man,” who is 182 cm tall yet possesses small eyes on a funny round face. This term may sound a bit disrespectful, but those who use it have no malicious intent and mean it as a joke.


A: 你愿意找个虾系男朋友吗?

Nǐ yuànyì zhǎo ge xiāxì nánpéngyou ma?

Are you willing to date a guy who is good-looking except in the face?

B: 我有点儿颜控,喜欢身材面容都好看的男生。

Wǒ yǒudiǎnr yánkòng,xǐhuān shēncái miànróng dōu hǎokàn de nánshēng。

I’m kinda particular about good looks, and prefer men who are good-looking in every respect.