GD good Samaritan helps hearing impaired kids

Writer: Xia Yuanjie  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-09-23

Wu Xueling was recently encouraged by President Xi Jinping’s words in his reply to the letter “Good Samaritans of China,” expressing hope that they shall continue to be role models.

Wu, who was honored as a “Good Samaritan of Guangdong,” received several awards for her decade-long devotion to auditory-verbal therapy for hearing impaired children, Shenzhen Economic Daily reported.

As a mother of a daughter with sensorineural hearing loss, Wu had gained sufficient experience in taking care of the hearing-impaired and established Qing Qing Auditory Verbal Therapy Center in 2020, Luohu District’s first private nonprofit organization offering hearing loss treatments for young patients.

As of now, the center has helped 559 hearing impaired children to rehabilitate their aural and oral communication abilities. Wu set up a charity fund, handing out rehabilitation subsidies worth over 600,000 yuan (US$84,610) for disadvantaged students and helping 15 kids get free cochlear implants.

Last year, her second rehabilitation center was opened in Luohu, giving treatment to young patients with hearing impairment, language delay and autism.

Wu told the Daily that the recovery rate of hearing impaired children was over 90% if they could get timely professional training.

“My patients could not speak during the early stage of therapy, but they would call me ‘mom’ after they recover their hearing and speaking. I am very lucky to be their ‘mom,’” she said.