OCAT Shenzhen opens its door of new space

Writer: Cao Zhen  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-09-28

After much anticipation, OCAT Shenzhen opened the door of its new space Sunday by launching two new exhibitions on the first floor as a warm-up activity. Nestled in the north area of OCT-LOFT, this three-level new space will offer more unique experiences to art lovers when it fully opens in November.

Like OCAT Shenzhen’s old space which was built by transforming an old warehouse in the south area in OCT-LOFT, the new space, named OCAT Shenzhen Hall B10, was constructed by upgrading an old tape and disk factory. The ground floor includes a spacious exhibition hall and a coffee shop that can also be used for holding small exhibitions or lectures. The second floor, including a library, will be used for exhibitions and children’s art education; the third floor will serve as an open-air gallery.

According to Meng Yan, principal architect of the project and co-founder of URBANUS Architecture & Design, he hopes the new space will open to the greatest extent the freedom for artists to produce more than just exhibitions, but also more changes and concepts.

Visitors walk amid exhibits at the “Participating Sculptures: Memories From the OCAT Biennale” exhibition.

One of the warm-up exhibitions, “Participating Sculptures: Memories From the OCAT Biennale” is a brief retrospective of the OCAT Biennale’s previous editions. Over the past 20 years, a series of exhibitions at the biennales have shaped OCAT into a contemporary art brand, an active participant in building and developing Shenzhen’s local art ecology and as an established art organization that integrates global resources earmarked for Chinese art.

A sculpture by Xiang Jing is on display at the “Participating Sculptures: Memories From the OCAT Biennale” exhibition at OCAT Shenzhen Hall B10.

At the exhibition, art lovers will find works by familiar artists, such as Sui Jianguo, Xiang Jing, Wang Luyan, Song Dong and Li Binyuan, and discover the evolving language of sculpture that has radiated into other artistic mediums such as installation, performance and video.

Founded in 2005, OCAT is renowned among the professional circle for its research-based contemporary art exhibitions; however, for some visitors, understanding contemporary art may seem daunting. Now a coffee shop on the first floor of OCAT Shenzhen Hall B10 offers a unique setting for visitors to enjoy art. The O-Cat space, blending a gift shop, a coffee shop and small exhibitions, invites visitors to be as curious as cats to discover the wonders of art.

Visitors walk past an artwork by Song Dong at the “Participating Sculptures: Memories From the OCAT Biennale” exhibition.

Visitors rest at the O-Cat space where the “Field Neuron” exhibition is being held.

The current exhibition at the O-Cat space, titled “Field Neuron,” features works by young artists Yao Mingfeng and Wang Yezi who are showcasing their observations of Shenzhen and their exploration of the relationships between humans and nature, society, technologies.

Visitors watch a video at the “Field Neuron” exhibition at the O-Cat space.

Dates: Until Nov. 8 (“Participating Sculptures”) and Nov. 20 (“Field Neuron”)

Hours: 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., closed Mondays

Venue: OCAT Shenzhen Hall B10, north area, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District (南山区华侨城创意文化园北区OCAT深圳馆B10新馆)

Metro: Line 2 to Qiaocheng North Station (侨城北站), Exit B