It's time for autumn birding

Writer: Cao Zhen  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-10-12

We're now enjoying fine autumn weather and are seeing some bird activities. In addition to the resident birds in Shenzhen, such as egrets and Chinese pond herons, migratory birds have traveled thousands of miles along the East Asia-Australia Flyway to their wintering grounds or stopovers in this southern coastal city.

If you’re looking to see scarcer species and meet other birders, check out Shenzhen Bay Park, Shenzhen Talent Park, Zhongshan Park and Yanhan Hill Park in Nanshan District, and Dachan Bay, Shenzhen Wetlands Resorts and Fuyong Wetland in Bao’an District.

Thanks to the improved ecosystem and habitat diversity, Shenzhen has become a paradise for birds. From September to May every year, birders can observe more than 100 species here. So, whether you prefer solo outings or smaller gatherings, mark your calendar now and get ready for fantastic fall adventures.

Migratory shorebirds are seen in their habitat at Talent Park on Friday. Photos by Wang Haolan except otherwise stated

Two lesser sand plovers fight with each other at Talent Park on Sept. 24.

A Eurasian wryneck is spoted at Talent Park on Saturday.

A Pacific golden plover in its non-breeding plumage is seen at Talent Park on Friday.

A dark-sided flycatcher is spotted at the Mangrove Coastal Ecological Park area of Shenzhen Bay Park on Oct. 3.

A Eurasian whimbrel forages on the beach near the Sunrise Theater area of Shenzhen Bay Park on Oct. 1.

Egrets, resident birds in Shenzhen, frolic in Shenzhen Bay on Monday morning. Sun Yuchen

A gray-tailed tattler is seen at Talent Park on Sept. 24.

A Chinese pond heron, a resident bird, flies around Shenzhen Bay on Monday. Sun Yuchen

A black-winged stilt at Talent Park on Sept. 24.