Catch Phrase | 科技与狠活 (kējì yǔ hěnhuó)

Writer: Li Dan  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-10-14


“科技” means “science and technology,” “与” means “and,” and “狠活,” “ferocious activity,” can in this context be roughly translated as “badass job.” This term, first used by vlogger Xin Jifei in his short videos, went viral with his videos. “This food that you can buy at such an affordable price must be the combination of technologies and a badass job,” Xin would always open his video with this signature sentence. He then would continue to demonstrate how shoddy raw materials were mixed with all kinds of chemical additives and turned miraculously into oyster sauce, milk tea, pork soup or other delicious food products that may deceive even the shrewdest customer. Therefore, this term is a sarcastic way of saying “low-quality food with a lot of additives.”


A: 你最近似乎很少喝奶茶了。

Nǐ zuìjìn sìhū hěnshǎo hē nǎichá le。

You seem to rarely drink milk tea now.

B: 不敢喝了,很多都是科技与狠活啊。

Bùgǎn hē le,hěnduō dōushì kējì yǔ hěnhuó a。

I don’t dare. Many milk tea products are of poor quality and filled with additives.