Xi's report attracts international attention

Writer: Zhang Yu  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-10-18

Xi Jinping's report Sunday to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), which draws the blueprint for building a modern socialist China in all aspects for the next five years and beyond, has attracted international attention.

The New York Times online edition has set up a special section, Live Updates, covering the 20th CPC National Congress, which opened Sunday and will run until Saturday.

Articles in the special section touched upon such topics as COVID policy, innovation and technology, national security and national reunification.

One article said public servants, workers at State-owned enterprises and media executives gathered at watch parties. Even private-sector workers had a chance to tune in. The story said an executive of a pharmaceutical company in Shenzhen posted two posters from the People’s Daily as well as a photo of herself watching Xi delivering the speech.

The newspaper is one of the international media outlets that have zoomed in on China’s most important political event in five years.

A report from Russian News Agency TASS on Sunday paid special attention to details in Xi’s report such as turning the country into a major technology and industrial power, the comprehensive development of rural areas, cementing its leading trade power status, assistance to Belt and Road Initiative Projects and proactive support to the sustainable development of the global economy.

Multinational cable news channel CNN had a live coverage of the congress’s opening and has made special reports on its front page about the key event. The media outlet said in a news report Sunday that Xi’s speech struck a confident tone, highlighting China’s growing strength and rising influence.

French media outlet Le Figaro reported Sunday that Xi hailed the transition from “chaos to governance” in Hong Kong and condemned foreign interference in Taiwan, which is an integral part of China’s territory.

Singapore-based newspaper The Straits Times published an article Sunday, saying that Xi’s report has clarified China’s policy priorities, which will promote the country’s common prosperity and propel innovation-driven development.

The congress has also drawn the attention of international social media users.

A netizen with the Twitter username “Carlos@agent_of_change,” said that Xi’s speech at the opening session of the 20th CPC National Congress shows how the CPC represents the interests of the people.

The Twitter user, also a writer, researcher and musician currently based in London, pointed out that the CPC is endeavoring to “ensure the people are leading better and happier lives, push green development, reduce inequality, vigorously defend China’s sovereignty and widen democratic participation.”

Another Twitter user with the name “scientism@mr_scientism” said he or she watched Xi’s speech waiting for the part about dominating the world but was surprised and impressed that Xi kept “talking about development goals and helping people to have a better life.”

“I can’t help calling attention to this: compare Xi’s speech at the CPC National Congress and those of Western politicians. See the difference? One brims with ideals and measures for peace, cooperation and development, while others confrontation,” wrote Twitter user “nice things in the world@Irespectyour.”