Award of Art China exhibition hits Artron

Writer: Cao Zhen  |  Editor: Ye Shangqing  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-10-27

Paintings are on display at the “Painting: Feel the Pulse of the Time” exhibition at Artron Art Center. Photos from the center

Paintings by 25 award-winning artists from the past Award of Art China are on display at the “Painting: Feel the Pulse of the Time” exhibition. Art lovers can admire works by those sought-after artists, such as Luo Zhongli, Yu Hong, Liu Xiaodong and Xu Bing, among others.

In figure paintings, some artists’ breathtaking strokes are brimmed with affection and warmth; while landscape paintings are infused with the artists’ interpretation of the world and bold imagination.

A painting by Luo Zhongli.

Luo’s “Light & Shadow Series” depicts a couple resting after work. The glittering golden light symbolizes that they have fallen into a dream. Liu depicts the daily state of Yang Hua, one of his friends. In the past two years, Liu painted many of his friends, focusing on the vitality and vulnerability of life.

Yu has a strong female consciousness, and has always focused her eyes on herself and the surrounding environment. Her paintings tend to present a psychological surreal scene. In “Hole-punch Cloud,” the artist shows the female life state. The figure in the painting seems to fall into a black hole and float over the clouds. She stares at viewers calmly and attracts the viewers’ attention.

A painting by Yu Hong.

Xu’s “The Hidden Story: Mount Huangshan” seems to be inspired by a splash-color painting by Zhang Daqian. The collage of plastic bags in different colors presents an amazing blending of azurite, malachite, ochre and ink on frosted glass.

Dates: Until Dec. 4

Booking: WeChat account “ArtronArtCentre”

Venue: Artron Art Center, Nanshan District (南山区雅昌艺术中心)

Metro: Line 2 to Qiaocheng North Station (侨城北站), Exit D