Catch Phrase | 让人头秃 (ràngrén tóutū)

Writer: Li Dan  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2022-11-10


Literally meaning “it makes people bald,” this is a hilarious variant of “令人头疼” (lìngrén tóuténg, meaning “to give someone a headache”). It’s used to describe a tough problem that is continuously pestering the speaker. As young people today worry a lot about becoming prematurely bald due to an unhealthy lifestyle and stress from life, prevention and treatment of baldness is a hot topic. Therefore, Chinese netizens find this usage vivid.


A: 你的艺术史论文写完了吗?下周要交了。

Nǐ de yìshùshǐ lùnwén xiě wán le ma? Xiàzhōu yào jiāo le。

Have you finished your art history thesis? The deadline is next week.

B: 还没呢。这项作业真是让人头秃。

Hái méi ne。Zhèxiàng zuòyè zhēnshì ràngrén tóutū。

Not yet. This assignment is so stressful.