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MGI Tech unit launches full sequencing platforms

Writer: Han Ximin  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-01-11

Complete Genomics Inc., a subsidiary of Shenzhen-based MGI Tech Co., unveiled its full sequencing platforms in San Francisco on Monday.

Rade Drmanac, Complete Genomics’ chief scientific officer, announced a three-month free trial program and reagent rental leasing program for customers to experience the quality and reliability of the firm’s products before purchasing them.

Drmanac introduced a series of DNBSEQ technology-based sequencing platforms that are available in the U.S. market, including DNBSEQ-G400C, a day-to-day, medium throughput benchtop sequencer that can flexibly support a variety of different sequencing modes, which was launched in the United States last year.

Founded in 2006 in Silicon Valley, Complete Genomics is a global life science company offering lab automation, a leading innovator of high-throughput sequencing technologies. It developed its own patented DNA nanoball-based sequencing technology DNBSEQ,which makes sequencing much more accurate, flexible and affordable.

Based on DNBSEQ technology, Complete Genomics has formed partnerships with various life science companies and scientific institutions.

In August 2022, Complete Genomics’ DNBSEQ-G400C sequencer was released in the United States with immediate adoption in dozens of customer labs and partnerships with various life science companies, including Sentieon, a developer of highly accurate and optimized algorithms for bioinformatics applications.

“Complete Genomics provides high-quality, accurate and accessible products, giving the genomics community a ‘Power of Choice’ in sequencing. We look forward to providing even more innovative platforms through future partnerships to meet the diverse needs of the life science industry,” said Ye Jun, CEO of Sentieon.

“In the past years, we are winning the recognition of more and more U.S. customers through advanced patented technologies, high-quality products and professional services,” said Drmanac.

“Through understanding the latest genomics needs of the U.S. market, we seek to further advance life science and provide customers around the globe with ‘the right for another choice.’”