Chain restaurant provides free meals to people with difficulties

Writer: Zhang Yu  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-01-12

A chain restaurant in Shenzhen has offered to provide free meals for those in need, hoping that these people can pass on the kindness when they are no longer struggling financially, Shenzhen Evening News reported recently.

On Meichang Road in Luohu District, a notice posted on the window of a Hakka cuisine restaurant has not only attracted the patronage of residents in the neighborhood, but also the attention on social media.

The notice reads: “If you have no income in Shenzhen and are financially strapped, you can come to our restaurant and ask our reception staff for a set meal for one. You can leave directly after finishing the meal, and if there is no vacant seat, you’re welcome to take the meal away.”

It ends with a warm reminder, encouraging the meal recipients to help those around them who are also in need when they are capable in the future.

The chain restaurant, called “Tianyuan Kejia Lou,” features Hakka cuisine and has been open in Shenzhen for over a decade. It has one branch in Luohu and one in Futian District.

Both branches currently offer free meals for individuals, according to the two branches’ managers. The Luohu branch has been offering the meals for half a year, while the Futian branch began doing so Jan. 4.

“We have been receiving meal recipients almost every day since the event was initiated in 2022, sometimes we get more than a dozen people. And I told all the staff that we should give the meals as long as there is need,” the manager of the Luohu branch, surnamed Qin, told the News.

When asked if he worried about too many people would come after seeing the notice online, Qin replied frankly: “The staff and I believe that those who come here to have the meals are those who are in difficulties. A dignified person would not come here to eat free lunch if he is not desperate.”

Qin said giving away free meals is related to his own experience. In his earlier years, Qin also had hard times when he didn’t have enough to eat. “In fact, it is not difficult for our restaurant to provide one dish and one soup. Helping those in need is really no bother.”

Many citizens were moved by the restaurant’s generosity and left comments after the News report was published on WeChat.

One netizen commented: “While offering help, the restaurant owner also takes into account the self-esteem of the people they help! Thumbs up to these kind and wise people!” Another netizen said: “Can I buy one and save another meal for others?”