SZ's PM2.5 concentration hits record low

Writer: Zhang Yu  |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-01-16

Shenzhen's PM2.5 concentration dropped from the highest 62 micrograms per cubic meter since the monitoring data was available to 16 micrograms per cubic meter in 2022, hitting a new record low, the city’s ecology and environment bureau said.

The city also recorded the lowest levels of four other air pollutants, namely, PM10, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, last year.

Professor Hao Jiming of the School of Environment, Tsinghua University and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and He Hong, a researcher at the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, spoke highly of this remarkable achievement of Shenzhen.

They said that for a city like Shenzhen, where the population continues to grow and the economy is highly developed, it is a great achievement that PM2.5 concentration can continuously decline and reach 16 micrograms per cubic meter, a level basically close to the European level.

It meant that significant progress had been made in the prevention and control of air pollution. Shenzhen should keep the momentum and innovate in the prevention and control of ozone pollution, according to them.

Huang Xiaofeng, a professor at the School of Environment and Energy, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, said that Shenzhen’s air quality improvement is the result of both scientific pollution control and the city’s pioneering practices.