Agricultural produce in abundant supply

Writer: Wang Jingli  |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-01-19

Several merchants in HiGreen, Shenzhen’s largest agricultural produce wholesale market in Longgang District, told Shenzhen Special Zone Daily that the market has seen a growing flow of people in recent days and the overall fruit sales volume increased.

HiGreen also launched the fourth shopping festival for the Chinese New Year to provide abundant supplies and boost Spring Festival online and offline consumption.

“I will go to Shandong Province to spend the Spring Festival so I came here (HiGreen) to buy some New Year goods,” a citizen surnamed Guan told the Daily.

Guan said he buys New Year goods every year at HiGreen. “I came around 9 a.m. today and bought some New Year goods such as biscuits and fruits,” Guan said whilst presenting his shopping bag.

“Last week witnessed a peak purchasing period. My shop’s turnover these days ranges from nearly 100,000 yuan (US$14,750) to hundreds of thousands at its peak,” said a shop seller at HiGreen, who suggested that the market will become livelier this week and the store is ready to prepare for another peak purchasing period.

In addition to New Year goods, vegetables are also in abundant supply at HiGreen.

“We had nearly 40 tons of vegetables transported from Yunnan and Zengcheng. Vegetable supply is stable recently. I also had negotiated with suppliers to ensure supply during the Spring Festival,” said a vegetable merchant.

Zheng Yingpeng, deputy general manager of HiGreen, said that the market will make full use of its digital system to ensure abundant supplies and stable prices.

HiGreen received a total of 3,689 tons of vegetables Jan. 12 and the overall average price of the 20 vegetables monitored was 5.8 yuan per kilogram Jan. 12.

The price of several vegetables fluctuated due to recent low temperatures and the holiday, but the overall impacts on citizens’ lives is small, according to the report.