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Qianhai to build tax-related industry cluster

Writer: Tan Yifan  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-02-13

Qianhai announced its new plan Friday to facilitate the formation of a tax-related service industry cluster, which could be the first of its kind in China.

To attain this target, Qianhai has lowered the threshold for tax-related professionals registered in Hong Kong to practice on the mainland and now provides more office spaces with competitive price for related institutions — the building named after tax advisers was also put into use Friday.

Qianhai said it would work on removing the requirement for the names of partnership accounting firms to contain the names of administrative regions where they are located, push for relaxing the age limit for partners, and attract more quality accounting, tax and assets evaluation institutions, as well as related customers to gather in the area.

“Qianhai will become a magnet for global tax institutions and practitioners,” said Zhang Guohe, the Hong Kong partner of Yongcheng (Shenzhen) Tax Agent Co. Ltd., who is among the first batch of Hong Kong and Macao tax-related professionals that registered on the mainland. “Working in Qianhai, we’ll leverage our advantages to offer better services and help create an ideal business environment,” Zhang said.