SZ Marathon offers runners exclusive music videos

Writer: Windy Shao  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-02-14

This year's Shenzhen Marathon will be different from previous ones as more high technologies will be employed and organizers will offer exclusive music videos (MVs) for every runner, Shenzhen Evening News reported yesterday.

In addition to the use of the metaverse, digital products, Internet of Things technology, AI recognition technology and other means to help the marathon go smoothly, organizers will also use intelligent technologies to send a special gift to all runners, creating a unique MV for each runner for free.

This coming marathon will adopt a specially tailored AI video synthesis technology: the track will be equipped with multimachine high-definition cameras to record the whole process and AI recognition technology will capture every runner’s movement.

The video clips will then be uploaded to the cloud, and the AI video synthesis technology will intelligently select each runner’s videos and classify them. The technology will then generate exclusive MVs for each runner, with the city’s beautiful scenic spots as the background.

The report said that runners must not block their numbers while running, so that cameras can accurately identify them.

After the race, a runner only needs to log into the marathon’s official interactive zone and enter his or her marathon number to obtain an exclusive video.

Li Sulan, an elite athlete, was excited to learn about the new technology: “It will be more meaningful for me to run the marathon. The marathons I participated in before only have pictures to download, and I had to make videos later by myself. This makes me feel more like witnessing the growth of Shenzhen Marathon and the development of Shenzhen.”

Zou Dejiang, a veteran runner, said: “I am looking forward to the introduction of this technology in the Shenzhen Marathon. I believe that the quality of the MV is guaranteed, it can meet every runner’s needs to share videos with friends in time. As a runner, I no longer need to shoot videos by myself, and can concentrate more on the race.”

The marathon will be held Sunday after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Shenzhen Marathon 2022 will start at the Civic Center and span Futian, Nanshan, Bao’an districts and the Qianhai area, and include Shennan Boulevard, West Shahe Road and Wanghai Road.