Consul general: Come and explore Brazil's diverse cultures

Writer: Sun Jin, Xu Shuntian  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-02-17

Video and photos by Xu Shuntian

Brazil is one of the most distant countries in the world from China. When one thinks of Brazil, it is usually associated with the universal love of football, the fiery samba and delicious grilled meat – a country with many impressive and unique elements. In addition, Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer, with its excellent quality and flavor. The country’s famous carnivals are exciting, its art is diverse, and the São Paulo Museum of Art displays works from famous artists such as Picasso and Renoir.

Frederico S. Duque Estrada Meyer, consul general of Brazil in Guangzhou, receives an exclusive interview at the Shenzhen-Brazil Friendship Exchange Sharing Conference yesterday.

“The mutual understanding between China and Brazil is not deep enough now. In the future, we hope to further promote exchanges between the two countries in economics and trade, culture and sports, so that Chinese people can understand more deeply the charm of Brazil and Chinese culture can spread more to Brazil,” Frederico S. Duque Estrada Meyer, consul general of Brazil in Guangzhou, told Shenzhen Daily in an exclusive interview at the Shenzhen-Brazil Friendship Exchange Sharing Conference held at the residence of the consul general in Guangzhou on Wednesday.

A view of the Shenzhen Brazil Friendship Exchange Sharing Conference yesterday.

Since December 2019, Frederico Meyer has been the consul general of Brazil in Guangzhou. Over the past three years, he has been working to deepen Sino-Brazilian cooperation, especially between Brazil and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. At the residence of the consul general of Brazil in Guangzhou, one can find various collections from all over the world on display, as well as the Lego buildings built by Frederico Meyer. It was like a mini-museum of world art. Frederico Meyer shared his love of world cultures and his unique impressions of Shenzhen. “Shenzhen is an open and tolerant city, which is a surprise for me in the Greater Bay Area. I know a lot of Brazilians who have started businesses and jobs in Shenzhen, in a wide range of industries,” he said.

A bosom friend afar brings distant lands near. In recent years, Shenzhen and Brazil have actively promoted economic and trade exchanges, as well as humanistic exchanges. In April 2007, Shenzhen established an international friendship city relationship with São Paulo, Brazil. In August last year, Shenzhen and Rio de Janeiro signed a memorandum of understanding on friendship, exchange and cooperation. Rio de Janeiro, also known as Rio, became Shenzhen’s 90th international friendship city. Last year, the 2022 Shenzhen Global Investment Conference also set up a branch venue in Rio, and the event’s success promoted cooperation between enterprises of the two regions and created unforgettable memories of the friendly relations between Shenzhen and Brazil.

“Shenzhen, a center of technological innovation, has maintained close cooperation with Brazil in recent years. During the epidemic, Shenzhen donated protective supplies such as masks to its international friendship cities in Brazil,” the consul general said.

Cao Saixian (L), director general of the Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipality, holding an Order of Rio Branco certificate, poses for a photo with Frederico Meyer, consul general of Brazil in Guangzhou.

At the conference, Frederico Meyer presented Cao Saixian, director general of the Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipality, with the Order of Rio Branco. The Order of Rio Branco is an honorary medal of the Brazilian government, awarded to Brazilian diplomats, or individuals and groups who have distinguished themselves in the diplomatic service. “I would like to thank Ms. Cao for her unremitting efforts and outstanding contribution in promoting the relationship between Shenzhen and Brazil, and hope to work together in the future to promote cooperation,” Frederico Meyer said.

A medal Order of Rio Branco.

Frederico Meyer loves art and design and is a big fan of the art exhibitions in Shenzhen. “Just a fortnight ago, I went to see an art exhibition in Shenzhen and saw the work of artists from Mexico. Shenzhen is particularly rich in exhibitions, and I’m considering whether I can recommend and introduce exhibitions by Brazilian artists and photographers in Shenzhen in the future,” he said.

Frederico Meyer and Sun Jin, deputy editor-in-chief of Shenzhen Daily, pose for a photo after the exclusive interview.

Few people know that Brazil is also a country of art. In 2021, Shenzhen Design Week introduced some Brazilian design works, and through the exhibition, many people became interested in Brazilian artworks. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Shenzhen being recognized by the UNESCO as a “City of Design,” and a series of events will be held in this regard. “I’m looking forward to recommending some Brazilian designers to come and participate in this event. In fact Brazil is particularly famous for its graffiti art, people like Eduardo Kobra who have done excellent graffiti work in New York, London, Paris, etc,” Frederico Meyer said.

“We are eager to cooperate and to do some work with Shenzhen that will give Shenzheners a greater experience of Brazilian art and design, cultural festivals, dance and sports, and other diverse cultures to further understand each other and deepen the friendship between Shenzhen and Brazil,” the consul general said.