'15-minute domestic service circle' takes shape in city

Writer: Zhang Yu  |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From: Shenzhen Daily   |  Updated: 2023-02-21

A “15-minute domestic service circle” has taken shape in Shenzhen, with 150 household service stations set up and covering all subdistricts, according to the city’s human resources and social security bureau.

The stations were established to meet community residents’ needs for convenient, cost-effective and high-quality domestic services, the bureau said.

Among them, 10 have been rated as model stations. The city’s nine districts and Dapeng New Area each have one model station. Each subdistrict’s comprehensive service centers or community Party and mass service centers have at least two stations.

According to the bureau, the stations have integrated and connected various kinds of resources in a bid to provide multilevel, diversified and professional domestic services for residents.

In collaboration with domestic service training institutions, healthcare facilities and nursing homes, the stations also offer domestic service skills training for domestic helpers, the unemployed and community residents through lectures, hands-on training and online courses.

Those who are interested in joining the domestic service industry, including those who are seeking relevant jobs or planning to start their own businesses, can also turn to the stations for skills training or entrepreneurship services.

Meanwhile, the stations also play a role in mediation and rights protection, providing support for domestic helpers and consumers in rights and interests protection with the help of communities, industry associations, social workers and legal aid.