SZ's digital transformation hailed

Writer: Wang Jingli  |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-02-24

Video by Liu Xudong

Journalists from domestic and ASEAN countries’ media outlets and experts from ASEAN countries hailed Shenzhen’s digital transformation after completing their four-day ASEAN Media’s View on China Media Tour in Shenzhen on Thursday.

“I have seen Shenzhen’s huge transformation through this trip, especially in terms of the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and digitalization,” said Gan Hong Seng from Malaysia, an associate professor from Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in the city of Suzhou. “All of these developments will greatly benefit not just China, but also its neighboring countries, especially ASEAN countries. We can see that these transformations have been very advanced, which is unseen in other countries.”

The media delegation visited companies and institutions including Shenchuangjian, WeBank, Huawei, Meituan, Shenzhen International Cultural Industry Fair Co. Ltd. and Ping An Insurance (Group) Co. of China, as well as Guangming District and the Belt and Road Research Institute (Shenzhen) for International Cooperation and Development (BRRI) during the four-day tour.

A member of the ASEAN media delegation takes videos at WeChat Bank on Monday. Xu Shuntian

Rhio Zablan from the Filipino Service of Asia and Africa Center of China Media Group told Shenzhen Daily that he was blown away by one of Ping An’s financial products that is called G-Cash, an electronic wallet.

“Most of the companies in the Philippines are micro, small and medium-sized and many people don’t own a bank account. I learned that Ping An has cooperated with a bank in my country (the Philippines) to launch this product to help people enjoy convenient banking services. By far, G-Cash has some 2 million subscribers, which is a really impressive achievement,” Zablan said.