Program to foster cross-cultural communication

Writer: Xu Shuntian  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-03-07

Video by Xu Shuntian

We are presenting a whole new series on the EyeShenzhen WeChat channel to foster meaningful communication between locals and people from other parts of the world.

The advent of the smart media era has brought unprecedented opportunities in the realm of international communication.

Everyone can be a spokesperson for our city by telling their own Shenzhen story. The city’s undeniable rising global influence is because of the contribution of its citizens.



To make our city more expat-friendly, the Shenzhen Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and Shenzhen Daily have curated a series of short videos to help its citizens, particularly civil servants, speak better English and have a deeper understanding of Western culture. By providing bitesize English-learning contents every day, the program hopes to help people brush up their language skills in a fun way, which they can use in both their workplaces and lives. The videos will also help expats navigate Shenzhen and China by offering insights into local life and culture.

Communication is always a two-way process, and our videos are intended to draw hearts closer by helping melt the language and cultural barriers.

作为深圳全面打造城市国际传播品牌EyeShenzhen的一项创新举措,《深圳日报(英文)》(Shenzhen Daily)携手深圳市外办联合推出跨文化国际交流智媒栏目《Talk Shenzhen》,旨在更好地营造国际语言环境,全面提升城市公共服务国际化水平和市民对外交流能力。该栏目汇集“专业+创意”资源,紧密结合深圳元素与深圳热点,力求让深圳人通过更富实用性、趣味性的学习提升英语语言水平、增强跨文化交流意识,让国际传播融入到城市生活与工作当中,实现同步并行、同频共振、同城聚力,助力深圳全域全民构建国际传播大格局。

The “Talk Shenzhen” video series is available on the “EyeShenzhen” WeChat channel with updates daily from Monday to Friday. The episodes will feature “Bilingual News,” “Takeaway English,” “Third-eye Perspective,” and “Arts & Cultural Life.”

《Talk Shenzhen》栏目将在“EyeShenzhen”微信视频号精彩呈现,周一至周五每天一期更新,包含双语新闻、随身英语、外眼深圳、艺文生活等内容。

By watching "Bilingual News," viewers can get the latest updates on what’s trending in science and tech, culture and economics globally. Viewers can learn key words and expressions along the way, as well as getting informed of the latest events in the city and how to talk about them in English.


Both locals and expats will love "Takeaway English," which teaches catchphrases used by the Chinese youth today, giving viewers a glimpse into real Chinese society. Viewers can also learn English idioms and colloquial expressions that pop up in conversations with a native speaker.


“Third-eye Perspective” presents convincing and authentic stories of our city through the eyes of expats living here. 


By following "Arts & Cultural Life," viewers can catch up on the most exciting cultural and entertainment events not to be missed in the city. Viewers can also relive unforgettable moments from classical movies and songs, presented in snippets to help them learn English easier. 


In the future, “Talk Shenzhen” will also run viewer-submitted content in the form of TED-style presentations, English song performances, and film voice acting, among others.

This program will be a window of communications between cultures. Follow us if you are a fan of Shenzhen, if you want to speak English like a native speaker and if you hope to show off your English skills!

未来,《Talk Shenzhen》栏目还将策划推出全民共创内容的征集,为市民英语学习提供展示自我的平台,热门话题TED演讲、经典电影趣配音以及英文歌曲演唱。此外,EyeShenzhen视频号也将继续报道呈现深圳的精彩活动、创新观点,以及在深外国人的精彩故事,通过多样化、精品化的内容进一步创新与汇集,形成EyeShenzhen世界看深圳的一扇国际交流之窗。期待与热爱深圳、热爱英语的你相遇互动,共创共享有态度、有温度、有深度的精彩内容。快来关注EyeShenzhen公众号和视频号吧!