Take delight in rhododendron on Mt. Wutong

Writer: Cao Zhen  |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-03-17

Shenzhen has just been named as one of the top 20 destinations in China to enjoy flowers. Starting this weekend, people in Shenzhen can go to the city’s highest mountain, Wutong Mountain, to view the blooming rhododendron moulmainense (毛棉杜鹃) and take delight in their elegant beauty.

Rhododendron moulmainense is a flowering evergreen shrub native to South China and Southeast Asia. The pink or red flowers on Wutong Mountain are the world’s only alpine rhododendron flower grown in a metropolis. These flowers’ blooming period in the city lasts until early April and the mountain is hosting the eighth Rhododendron Moulmainense Festival with a string of events.

Recommended spots to enjoy the flowers on the mountain are:

Rhododendron Valley 杜鹃谷

Located near Little Wutong Square (小梧桐广场), Rhododendron Valley is a 20-hectare place where one can view the flowers from various angles. Immersed yourself in the lush forest and ramble in a sea of flowers.

Best viewing period: Through March 24

Wanhuaping 万花屏

More than 1,000 rhododendron moulmainense trees in Wanhuaping present a spectacular view. It also features an old rhododendron tree, measuring over 10 meters tall, and is estimated to be more than 100 years old.

Best viewing period: March 20-31

Tofu Hilltop 豆腐头

As the second-highest peak of Wutong Mountain, Tofu Hilltop is renowned for its flamboyant red rhododendron simsii (映山红). The flower’s Chinese name, meaning “mountains tinged with red,” vividly depicts the bright red flowers when they are in full bloom.

Best viewing period: Through March 24

Rhododendron Corridor 十里杜鹃长廊

Along the 2-kilometer-long Rhododendron Corridor which stretches between the TV tower on the Little Wutong and Good Man Slope (好汉坡), hikers can also appreciate camellia (茶花), enkianthus quinqueflorus (吊钟花), rhododendron farrerae (丁香杜鹃), rhodoleia championii (红花荷) and more than 10 species of rhododendron flowers. One can get a quick access to Rhododendron Valley, Wanhuaping and Tofu Hilltop while going through the corridor. In addition to the splendid flower sceneries, one can also enjoy the gorgeous view of the sea and the mountain.

Best viewing period: Through March 25

Floral art and multimedia show

Potted rhododendron flowers and floral arrangement works are on display while an immersive multimedia exhibition is also ongoing to show the beauty of the flowers.

Dates: Until April 2

Venue: Fenghuangtai (凤凰台)

There are several trails to climb the mountain:

* If you arrive at Liantang Metro Station (莲塘地铁站), take Dengyun Trail (登云道) which offers good shade under the trees. 

* If you stop at Wutong Mountain South Metro Station (梧桐山南地铁站), go along Lingyun Trail (凌云道), which is a stiff and difficult route.

* If you go from Shatoujiao Metro Station (沙头角地铁站), take Bitong Trail (碧桐道) which offers spectacular views but is very challenging. 

* If you get out of Shenwai Senior Campus Metro Station (深外高中地铁站), you can reach the Big Wutong (大梧桐) peak or Good Man Slope by climbing Xiutong Trail (秀桐道) and then walk westward to admire flowers.

* If you want to enter the mountain through its north gate, take buses such as 211, B699 or M445 and then climb along Wutong Mountain North Road (梧桐山北路) which is an easy route. No Metro stations are near the north gate.

Outside the north entrance, you can also walk along Wangtong Road (望桐路) for 200 meters to reach Wutong Mountain Art Township (梧桐山艺术小镇) where you can wander in painting, design, sculpture and music studios, find some chic or vintage gadgets in small shops or have a bite of local specialty food.

Rhododendron moulmainense flowers are blooming on Wutong Mountain.

Rhododendron moulmainense flowers are fragrant with an umbel inflorescence with four to nine florets. The petals are pink or white with spotted orange inside.

A file photo of Rhododendron Valley. Photo by Chen Zhuang

A file photo of Wanhuaping. Photo by Zhang Qiuxiong

Flowers are blooming along Rhododendron Corridor.

Other species of rhododendron flowers are also blooming on Wutong Mountain. Li Zhong

Potted rhododendron flowers are on display at Fenghuangtai on Wutong Mountain.

A roadmap of Wutong Mountain.