Citizens cautioned on hiking

Writer: Chen Siqi  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-03-22

The flourishing and abundant wildlife in Shenzhen has sparked tourists’ enthusiasm to travel. However, accidents inevitably occur, and the city’s firefighter team has saved many hikers this month. This has prompted citizens to be more aware of potential risks from outdoor activities.

On March 12, the Shenzhen firefighter team received a report saying that a hiker fell off an 8-meter cliff, causing fractures and head injuries. The hiker lost consciousness from excessive bleeding, and the firefighters and medical workers came to his rescue and sent him to the hospital for further treatment. However, the winding trails and traffic peak made the transfer difficult. A helicopter was then dispatched to send the injured hiker to Shenzhen University General Hospital.

Usually, the firefighting team encounters two kinds of hikers who need their help – injured hikers and lost hikers.

At the beginning of March, four tourists got lost at Dayanding Mountain in Nan’ao Subdistrict, Dapeng New Area because they were not familiar with the paths. As the day turned dark, their situation became more dangerous and life-threatening. The rescue team climbed up the mountain with rescue equipment, emergency lamps, bottled water and food in search of the lost tourists. The team spent 15 hours searching and sending them down the mountain.

The Shenzhen firefighting department reminded citizens to fully prepare before hiking and ascending mountains, bring enough food and medicine or a first-aid kit, as well as learn basic emergency rescue skills. Citizens are advised not to go to unexplored areas, and to be more aware of their time to descend or return. Hiking in the dark is dangerous and pose many risks and hikers must report to the police immediately when any danger occurs.