Water Culture Map for eco-sightseeing released

Writer: Chang Zhipeng  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-03-28

The Shenzhen Water Culture Map that consists of 11 ecological sightseeing routes across the city, together with an exclusive travel route for residents to experience a drop of water’s “life journey,” was released at a press conference held in the Guanlan River Waterland Park in Longhua District yesterday, eve of the ending of the 36th China Water Week.

Initiated by the city’s water authority, the map creatively connects the water tourist attractions, water facilities and water cultural venues scattered around Shenzhen, and features various themes such as mountain and sea ecology, history and humanities, urban landscape, scientific education, and rural sceneries.

The Shenzhen Water Culture Map. Courtesy of the city's water affairs bureau

It includes the Urban Oasis Route in Futian, the Bay Area Ecology Route in Nanshan, the Hakka Waterfront Route in Longgang, and the Mountain and Sea Ecology Route in Dapeng New Area, providing residents an immersive experience of green lifestyle.

The exclusive travel route that demonstrates the life journey of a water drop is named “Yin Shui Si Yuan,” literally meaning when drinking water, one should not forget its source. It starts from the Water Conservancy Scenic Area of the water intake of Shenzhen Dongjiang Water Source Project and passes through the Yonghu Pump Station, the Songzikeng Reservoir, the Bijia Hill Water Plant and the Honghu Water Purification Plant before ending at the Buji River, showcasing how the water eventually ends back in nature.

Vice Mayor Zhang Hua said at the press conference that the release of the map marks a new starting point for Shenzhen to develop its water culture and water economy.

“Only with the coordinated promotion and the joint participation of all sectors of society can the social influence of the Shenzhen Water Map endure,” she said. “Each district will soon launch exhibition tours of the map and colorful activities of their respective themed routes. We hope to make the general public benefit from the water treatment and work together with residents to write a new chapter in the harmonious coexistence of people, water, and the city in the new era,” she said.