Enjoy Simple Life Festival at Enshang Wetland Park

Writer: Cao Zhen  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-03-31

A stellar ensemble of Chinese singers and bands, including Chang Chen-yue (also known as Ayal Komod), Zhao Lei, Liu Shuang and the Life Journey Band will grace the Simple Life Festival at the picturesque Enshang Wetland Park on Wutong Mountain this weekend.

Held in various Chinese cities, the Simple Life Festival first took place in 2006 and has become a firm favorite for festival lovers, as a relaxed lifestyle is one of the key concepts of the festival.

The Life Journey Band.

At the Shenzhen event, one can enjoy old pop songs by Chang, soothing ballads by Zhao and Liu, hip-hop by MJ116, rock by the Life Journey Band, and jazz, funk and post-rock by Mild Cure, to name a few, while relaxing at the Enshang Wetland Park, which is acclaimed as a “natural oxygen bar” thanks to its lush trees, fresh air, clear water and an ocean of flowers.

Embraced by mountains and the sea, Yantian District boasts a 69-kilometer trail nicknamed “an ecological jade necklace,” and Enshang Wetland Park on Wutong Mountain is a hidden gem on the trail. There is also a 950-meter-long greenway around the Enshang Reservoir and you can get an amazing view of the mountains and the sea in Yantian.

Time: 1:20-9 p.m., April 1-2

Tickets: 499 yuan

Venue: Enshang Wetland Park, Yantian District (恩上湿地公园)

Getting there: Take Metro Line 8 to Haishan Station (海山站), Exit B and then walk southward along Haishan Road to take a shuttle bus named “山海专线” opposite of Acotown Hotel (雅庭海湾国际大酒店).