Catch Phrase | 娇妻文学 (jiāoqī wénxué)

Writer: Li Dan  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-03-31


“娇妻” means “a coquettish wife,” and “文学” means “literature.” Having nothing to do with literature, this term is coined by Chinese netizens to refer to the kind of contents women post on social media that show how much they are pampered by their affectionate husbands or boyfriends. This type of content, brimming with complacency and self importance, is often derided by netizens who have an awareness of sex equality and female independence.


A: 丽丽又秀她男朋友送的礼物了。

Lìlì yòu xiù tā nánpéngyou sòng de lǐwù le。

Li Li has posted on social media again about the gifts showered on her by her boyfriend.

B: 我从来不看她的朋友圈,都是娇妻文学。

Wǒ cónglái búkàn tā de péngyǒuquān, dōushì jiāoqī wénxué。

I never check out her WeChat Moments, because the contents are always about how nice he’s been to her.