Catch Phrase | 毕业日 (bìyèrì)

Writer: Li Dan  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-04-14


Literally translated as “graduation day,” this Chinese term actually refers to “being fired by one’s employer.” The practice reportedly began with streaming site Bilibili, whose laid off employees were given a notice with the top line saying “Guidelines for Graduation Day.” The notice advises them on how to process their personal documents and deal with social insurance issues. Big internet firms have lured young people with amenities such as gyms and dining halls in their office buildings and a sense of equality among all employees, as evidenced by addressing everyone as “schoolmate” or by their self-chosen nicknames. “Graduation day” may sound less harsh than “being fired,” but the play on words doesn’t make being laid off any easier to swallow.


A: 似乎最近小李不怎么忙?之前他总抱怨周末加班。

Sìhū zuìjìn xiǎolǐ bù zěnme máng?Zhīqián tā zǒng bàoyuàn zhōumò jiābān。

It seems Xiao Li isn’t busy these days. He had often complained about overtime work on weekends.

B: 他上个月收到毕业日通知了。

Tā shànggeyuè shōudào bìyèrì tōngzhī le。

He was given his walking papers last month.