Catch Phrase | 密集母职 (mìjí mǔzhí)

Writer: Li Dan  |  Editor: Zhang Chanwen  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2023-05-12


Translated from the English term “intensive mothering,” this is an idea raised by Sharon Hays in her 1996 book “The Cultural Contradictions of Motherhood.” A dominant parenting ideology of mainstream American culture, ,” per the author’s own words. Some scholars have questioned this parenting model, which is often observed in Chinese cities today, and hit describes children as innocent and priceless, and assumes that mothers should be primarily responsible for using “child-rearing methods that are child-centered, expert-guided, emotionally absorbing, labor intensive, and financially expensiveas led to a generation of privileged children, exhausted mothers, and an overall decline in women’s status.


A: 我家孩子有些同学的妈妈太厉害了,每天中午带去学校的便当都像酒店大厨的出品。

Wǒjiā háizi yǒuxiē tóngxué de māma tài lìhài le,měitiān zhōngwǔ dàiqù xuéxiào de biàndāng dōu xiàng jiǔdiàn dàchú de chūpǐn。

The moms of my kid’s classmates are so good that the lunches their kids take to school are not shy of the dishes prepared by hotel chefs.

B: 感觉到密集母职带来的同侪压力了吗?没必要跟别人比,吃得健康就好了。

Gǎnjué dào mìjí mǔzhí dàilái de tóngchái yālì le ma?Méi bìyào gēn biérén bǐ,chī de jiànkāng jiù hǎo le。

Do you feel peer pressure arising from intensive mothering? No need to compare with others; eating healthy food is good enough.