SZ holds 2023 Future Film Conference

Writer: Liu Yangyang  |  Editor: Liu Minxia  |  From:   |  Updated: 2023-08-29

The 2023 Future Film Conference was held at the prestigious Black Oscar Living Arts Center in Shenzhen on Aug. 27. 

The conference featured a diverse range of topics discussed during a forum, encompassing technologies, industries, cross-industries, intellectual property (IP), art, digitization, trends and the future of the film industry. The forum's objective was to establish connections between the film industry and the digital economy, foster collaboration between the film industry and the entertainment and tourism sectors, and explore the integration of the film industry into various aspects of everyday life.

The event boasted a star-studded lineup.

The event boasted a star-studded lineup, with esteemed Chinese actor Tang Guoqiang, renowned Hong Kong film producer Manfred Wong, celebrated Hong Kong actress Nancy Sit, and Ding Wu, the lead singer of Chinese rock band Tang Dynasty, among the attendees. Notably, film industry professionals from the U.S., Australia and New Zealand were also invited to enrich the conference’s international perspective. 

Distinguished keynote speakers included Mei Hong, executive chairman of the Chinese Film Alliance; Zhang Pimin, chairman of the China FilmFoundation; Manfred Wong; Rao Shuguang, president of the Chinese Film Critics Society; and Wang Haige, chairman of the Huading Awards. They delivered constructive speeches on enhancing the digitalization of the film economy and leveraging IP innovation to enhance the future competitiveness of films.

Distinguished keynote speakers deliver constructive speeches on enhancing the digitalization of the film economy.

An elaborate awards ceremony was held during the conference, adding a touch of grandeur to the event. Tang Guoqiang was honored with the "Outstanding Achievement Award in Chinese Cinema," while acclaimed Chinese-Hong Kong film director Peter Chan received the esteemed "Outstanding Director Award in Chinese Cinema." Internationally renowned film scholar Jiao Xiongping was recognized with the prestigious "Outstanding Contribution Award in Chinese Cinema," and the Father of Chinese Cinema, Cai Songlin, received the esteemed "Outstanding Achievement Award in Chinese Cinema." Additionally, Huo Tingxiao, president of the Chinese Film Art Society, was presented with the esteemed "Outstanding Art Award in Chinese Cinema."

In addition to the accolades and speeches, the conference facilitated significant agreements. The Chinese Film Alliance, along with the Paris Chinese Film Festival, the New York Chinese Film Festival, the Australia Chinese Film Festival and the Beijing Chinese Film House, signed agreements to strengthen overseas strategies for Chinese movies. Furthermore, agreements were signed between Shenzhen Haiwang Group, Star Universe World and Silicon Walker Culture for the construction of the Bao'an Future Film City project, among other notable collaborations.

Following the conference, attendees enjoyed the vibrant "I'm OK" Future Film Theme Party, also known as Black Oscar Night, held in the evening. The festivities coincided with the commencement of the "I'm OK" Future Music Festival, sponsored by Future Time (Shenzhen) Brand Management Co. Ltd. Additionally, the center unveiled multiple bars and a hotel, adding to the excitement and entertainment.

The conference was jointly organized by the Chinese Film Alliance, Creative China Industry Alliance and the Guangdong Film Industry Association Digital Post-Production Professional Committee. It was hosted by Star Universe World (Shenzhen) Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Silicon Walker Culture Communication Co. Ltd. and the Future Film Industry Development Center.

​The 2023 Future Film Conference was held at the prestigious Black Oscar Living Arts Center in Shenzhen on Aug. 27.